The challenge: Successfully manage change.
That is our speciality.

The digitalisation, the globalisation of markets, intensifying competitiveness and increasing shortage of qualified personnel continuously pose challenges and fundamental questions for companies.


  • Do we have a strategy in place to remain competitive and successful in the future?
  • Full speed ahead! – but how do we want to grow? Grow from our own resources or by participations and acquisitions?
  • Where do we set the anchor? What is our core business? Do we want to outsource process and functions or even whole parts of the company?


  • How do we adjust the sail? Is our organisation agile and lean enough?
  • How can we save cost without losing quality?
  • Do we have to introduce new IT systems or optimise the existing systems?

Personnel and cultural

  • All hands on deck? Are we an attractive employer for new professional and managerial staff?
  • Do have to undertake measure to increase motivation, commitment and qualification among our employees?
  • Are we successful in finding the appropriate staff and in nurturing our talents and junior staff?
  • Do we have the necessary management systems and appropriate leadership culture in place?

Conversio lends companies a helping hand when it comes to implementing change as an answer to these questions. We assist enterprises in all stages of change with our tailored services in the areas of strategy formation, organisational development and change management as well as HR management and development. Let’s set sail together and put out to sea!